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Global Antifa: No Pasaran to Nazi Scum!
Monday May 8th, 2017 3:20 PM
The ranqid zombie of hate, professional bigot Pamela Geller, has cried her poor little undead eyes out at her dear neo-fascist comrade Marine Le Pen losing bigly at the French elections, without shedding a tear for the victims of the genocidal racism resulting from the forefathers of the FN. Taking to the spirits like a woman possessed, the trump-supporting ogre suffered a formidable stake through the heart when the results were announced and the fascist dinosaur was well and truly beaten at the French polls, despite low turn-out from disillusioned voters.

#ALERTA #ANTIFA: #FASCIST WET DREAMS: @igd_news @submedia @missduffyAFA @JLRFB @slatukip

According to sourpuss Geller, "France Is Finished, having "surrendered": -

"France has chosen to go quietly into the cold, dark night. They voted for submission over freedom. France is finished".

Across the pond, in the dead of night, her violent criminal protege Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was deep in the throes of self-denial, convincing himself between snorts of cocaine that the Forth Reich was merely delayed and not dead on arrival. Sticking pins in a mouldy old Tesco's brioche failed to stop Emmanuel Macron from romping home in the Stop Fascism Handicap despite the best collaborative efforts of Donald Trump, Breitbart, the Daily Mail, and Rupert Murdoch.

For months, the convicted wifebeater and violent police assaulter had tweeted that women would all but disappear from France and law and order would be no more, if Le Penis failed to become president. Powerless to stop the inevitable, Tommy Robinson, as the diminuitive little idiot calls himself (stealing the name TR from a dead football hooligan), Tommy has spent the last few months turning up after dark, fangs out, stalking every single journalist who dared to write disagreeable words about him, putting his love of free speech on hold when it suits him.

The former BNP member and EDL leader pretends he gives a damn about women's rights despite being famously jailed for beating up his partner Jenna Vowles and kicking a policeman violently in the head, and yet campaigns politically on a law and order ticket.

Whilst all sane, decent and honest people do not wish harm on others, middle-class pretender and tanning salon owner Yaxley-Lennon showed his utter contempt for human decency by wishing a future of ISIS terrorist carnage upon France, infidelically flaccid pork sword in hand, prematurely dampening his copy of Mein Kampf whilst struggling to get an erection, tweeting out his deadly dreams suggestively to ISIS that further ISIS terrorist casualties in France (or "Jihad") will get Marine elected in the next French election.

“Le pen got 20 million votes, after another 5 yrs of jihad she's gonna win next time

While his idol, dear old Adolf was a failed artist, former soccer thug in-chief Yaxo lends his name to the poison pen of Pamela Geller, his own illiterate, coke-addled rantings at the scene of the recent Westminster terror attack proving why he requires a ghostwriter to (le) pen his hate.

All across the world, the extreme rightwing From Putin to KKK white supremacists and the so-called "Based Stick Man" have been weeping tears of failure onto social media, knowing that when Trump is finally impeached, their "Great White Hope" will fall crashing to the canvas, and with it, any hope of a white supremacist takeover. Forlorn neo-nazi hopes riding heavily on Marine Le Pen "doing a Trump", well and truly detached from reality, the would-be Hitlers, Francos and Mussolinis of the Alt-Wrong world allowed themselves to get inebriated on their own hype.

Coming from a Jewish background, Ms Geller should be well aware of the reasons why a neo-nazi political party set up by SS veterans and Vichy France traitors will never in a million, trillion, zillion years conquer France. And she has the "De Gall" to label anti-fascists "traitors". Instead of castigating those who oppose her hatred, the hissy-fit Queen of Bile should examine her own traitorous conscience, asking herself why she is ready to betray her minority faith background to curry favour with white supremacists and Adolf Hitler lovers, in order to gain notoriety.

France's Jewish population were rounded up and sent to concentration camps by the very French officials who established the FN, a crucial fact recently denied by Marine Le Pen.

Like LePen herself, terrorist cheerleaders Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and Pamela Geller are shameful beyond belief.


by GLOBAL AFA Monday May 8th, 2017 3:20 PM
by GLOBAL AFA Monday May 8th, 2017 3:20 PM