image Judge Orders Oakland Police Reforms, Says Mayor Schaaf Did Not Honor Her Word 480_thelton-henderson_1.jpg by Oakland Post
Following a hearing this week with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and other top city officials, U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson issued a court order Wednesday requiring the City of Oakland to reform how it conducts investigations of police misconduct. The judge’s order came in response to the June 21 report of a court investigator that found the city had “severely mishandled” the investigation into allegations that Oakland Police Department had sexually exploited underage teenager Celeste ...
Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:04PM
image Call on Cabrillo College to fire Alex Taurke for Sexual Assault 480_alex_taurke_cabrillo_college_1.jpg by Megan Goodhue
A lawsuit has been filed by a former Cabrillo College student stating that Alex Taurke, a professor at Cabrillo College, sexually harassed and assaulted the student in May 2016....
Posted: Fri Jun 9, 2017 9:48AM
calendar Commemorate revolutionary resistance and Judi Bari Day 480_judi_fist_oakland_3mar95__x_1.jpg by Earth First!
E. 33rd and Park Blvd, in front of Oakland High School, Oakland...
Event Date: Wed May 24, 2017 11:30AM
Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 1:08PM
image Louise Rosealma on Berkeley and It’s Implications 480_louise-rosealma_1.jpg by It's Going Down
In an audio interview with It's Going Down, Louise discusses their anarchist and antifascist beliefs, about being attacked by Damigo, and how they were then literally almost killed by several other Alt-Right supporters, who attempted to slam their head onto rocks and pavement....
Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:39PM
image Donate to the Woman Brutally Assaulted by Nathan Damigo of Identity Europa in Berkeley 480_louise-punched-support-louise_1.jpg by Anti-Fascist News
We believe it is essential to provide support for those who risked their lives to confront white nationalists on the street, and that it is extra important for those who were victimized with targeted violence....
Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:43AM
image Call CSU Stanislaus, Demand They Expel Violent Neo-Nazi Nathan Damigo 480_defendthebay_1.jpg by Stop Hate Alliance
Nathan Damigo is a leading white supremacist and a student at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, CA. He spent 5 years in prison for carrying out a violent hate crime and has been documented putting up neo-Nazi stickers at his college. On Saturday, April 15th, he attacked and beat up someone during the pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, CA. Call both the Dean and President of CSU Stanislaus and demand that they expel Damigo now! Enough is enough! Damigo has got to go!...
Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:14PM
image Solidarity with the Women of Rojava at the Oakland Women’s Strike 480_solidarity-rojava_1.jpg by Bay Area Mesopotamia Solidarity Committee
We have raised our fists, and learned that only by taking part in the making of revolution will we have a voice....
Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:58PM
image Interview with Valerie Corral of Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) 480_steef-fleur-photo-valerie-corral-wamm-santa-cruz_1.jpg by via Green Gold Stories
‘I don't work with pot, I work with people.’ - Valerie Corral...
Posted: Tue Apr 4, 2017 12:50PM
image CISPES Statement on Hector Perla and Sexual/Gender Violence in our Movement 480_audrelordesingleissue_1.jpg by via CISPES
Reports surfaced earlier this year that a long-time CISPES ally, Héctor Perla, sexually assaulted one of his students while he was a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. According to the survivor’s lawyer, university officials ignored previous instances of Perla’s sexual misconduct toward students, thereby permitting more harm to occur....
Posted: Mon Apr 3, 2017 4:46PM
audio Brytanee Brown on Housing and Urban Displacement: Oakland and New Orleans (audio/mpeg 9.8mb) by WTUL New Orleans 9.15 News & Views
Oakland-based activist Brytanee Brown joins WTUL News and Views in the studio to discuss housing as a women's issue, re-imagining the language and intentions of urban planning and design, and some solutions for combatting urban displacement....
Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:21AM
image Downtown Streets Blocked in Santa Cruz During International Women's Day Strike 480_international-womens-day-strike-santa-cruz-2017-1-pacific-avenue-downtown_1.jpg by Alex Darocy
On March 8, striking community members marched through downtown Santa Cruz in solidarity with Women's Strikes organized around the world on International Women's Day as a follow up to the massive Women's Marches held on January 21, 2017, the day after the Inauguration of Trump. [Top photo: Marching down Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. Scroll down for more photos.]...
Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:44PM
text NLG Sacramento Alert: CHP Recommending Charges for Antifa at Capitol Nazi Rally Last June by NLG-Sacramento
The Sacramento Bee has reported that 106 people are facing charges from the Nazi/antifa rally at the capitol this past June. Prosecutors will consider 514 misdemeanor and 68 felony charges involving 106 people, with charges ranging from unlawful assembly to assault with a deadly weapon....
Posted: Wed Mar 8, 2017 10:50PM
image International Women's Day 2017 Santa Cruz 3-8-17 480_064_1.jpg by AutumnSun
Streets in downtown Santa Cruz were shut down while many people demonstrated for International Women's Day 2017...
Posted: Wed Mar 8, 2017 6:28PM
image Women Stand Up And Speak Out On 2017 Women's Day In SF-Defend Women And Worker Rights 480_womens_day_sf3-8-17_1.jpg by Labor Video Project
Hundreds of women joined together in San Francisco to defend women and worker rights. They attacked racist attacks on immigrants and the militarization pushed by the capitalists....
Posted: Wed Mar 8, 2017 5:08PM
calendar Stand in solidarity with the women of Rojava at the Oakland Women’s Strike 480_ypj_690_3_copy_1.jpg by Mesopotamia Solidarity Committee
Mesopotamia Solidarity Bloc...
Event Date: Wed Mar 8, 2017 5:00PM
Posted: Mon Mar 6, 2017 12:30PM
calendar Strike & Dig at UC Gill Tract Community Farm by Katrina Wehrheim
UC Gill Tract Community Farm is in Berkeley on San Pablo Ave, at the intersection with Marin...
Event Date: Wed Mar 8, 2017 9:30AM
Posted: Mon Mar 6, 2017 11:50AM
calendar Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism Conference 480_roar-conference.jpg by ROAR
The Omni in Oakland - 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 on March 11th CIIS in San Francisco - 1453 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 on March 12th...
Event Date: Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:00AM
Posted: Sun Mar 5, 2017 11:32AM
calendar International Women's Day: Women's Strike, Rally, Speakout - Oakland by Oakland Women's Collective
Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th & Broadway, Oakland, CA...
Event Date: Wed Mar 8, 2017 5:00PM
Posted: Thu Mar 2, 2017 6:59PM
calendar International Women's Day Strike! - Santa Cruz 480_international_womens_day_strike_santa_cruz_1.jpg by Santa Cruz General Strike Organizing Committe
Louden Nelson Community Center 301 Center St, Santa Cruz, California 95060...
Event Date: Wed Mar 8, 2017 9:30AM
Posted: Wed Mar 1, 2017 6:34PM
image Hundreds Rally in Santa Cruz to Support Planned Parenthood 480_stand-planned-parenthood_12_2-11-17_1.jpg by Bradley Allen
Demonstration outside Planned Parenthood Santa Cruz in support of fundamental rights to affordable healthcare and non-judgmental family planning....
Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:29PM